WoodNotes Publishing
Woodnotes Publishing

Nancy Wood Zornes

Having been a choir director and accompanist for many years, and understanding there is generally very little budget available for Ward and Stake choirs, I have decided to make available some of the arrangements and original works that have stood me in good stead over the years.

Iíve done my share of publishing (flute ensemble works Ė see ALRY Publications, LLC, Nancy W. Wood, Composer) and have come to the conclusion that one does it out of love for music and for the sheer satisfaction that comes from knowing that someone, somewhere, wants to perform your music, and not for the modest profit involved. That being said, here are my offerings. Thereís quite a variety; I hope one or two of them might be helpful to you!

If you have questions, or want something in a different key or voicing, contact me. I donít promise anything, but we can sure discuss it!