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Women's Music Selection

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  1. As Sisters in Zion - A 3-part LDS hymn by Janice Kapp Perry, with modulation to a new key on the third verse. SSA, Piano, LDS women, Easy
  2. Nancy Hanks - A secular but moving piece, based on Stephen Vincent Benet’s poetry, this is about the dear departed Nancy Hanks wondering what happened to her son, Abe. SSA, Piano, History(Abe Lincoln’s mother), Easy
  3. The Fitness Fight Song - Definitely secular! A humorous poke at physical fitness. SSA, Piano, Humor – physical fitness, Easy
  4. A Mother - An original work for women’s choir sung from the perspective of the mother, and what a great blessing it is not only to have one, but to be one. SSA, Piano, Mother’s Day; motherhood, Medium
  5. My Redeemer Lives - G. Homer Durham’s music and President Gordon B. Hinckley’s text in a stirring arrangement for women. It features a rousing opening, an a cappella middle section, and a quiet and reverent closing section. SSA, Piano or Organ, Faith in Christ, Moderately difficult
  6. I Know That My Redeemer Lives (to the tune of “A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief") - The last verse of this arrangement intertwines the words and melodies of both pieces. SSA, Piano, Faith in Christ, Medium
  7. The Prophet Turned the Key - An original work for women, based on the words Joseph Smith used when he organized the Relief Society. Solo or SA, Piano, LDS – Relief Society, Easy